Cal Street Style :: Paul

Paul wears Cheap Monday jeans, Banana Republic sweater, thrifted shoes and button-up, and a Casio calculator watch.

Drawing inspiration from his grandma’s beauty pageant roots, Paul describes his style as classy and elegant. He is a graduate student at Berkeley’s Rhetoric department and likes to keep a minimalist feel to his thrifted outfits. Matching styles from various eras, his Casio calculator watch serves as a novelty item dating back to trends in the early 80’s while his Cheap Monday jeans and made-for-work top perfectly reflect today’s mainstream style.

He enjoys shopping at consignment shops such as San Francisco’s Wasteland. Though their flagship store resides at an old vaudeville playhouse in the city, the vintage chain also has four more branches in Southern California, crediting Paul’s claim that Los Angeles is one of the best places to shop vintage.

Nupur Behera
BARE Reporter


  1. love love the simplicity of this look!

  2. Love the picture. Miss the Berkeley weather!