Cal Underground Launches Cal Event Directory

Just in case you needed more explanation, Cal Underground created a video for your viewing pleasure.

This past Monday marked the launch of Cal Underground, a directory of various types of events occurring on campus and around the Bay Area. Designed by two Cal students, Nikita Maheshwari and Karthik Jagadeesh, Cal Underground allows you to get your Vanna White on as you browse several event categories that light up under the swoop of your mouse. Spanning food, sports, drinks, music, art, spirit, classes, movies, speakers, performing arts, and professional events, you no longer have an excuse to be bored in Berkeley.

Brittany Curran
Blog Editor

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  1. This is really, really awesome. I think it's impressive that they took initiative on this, plus the video is really awesome and presents the problem-solution nicely. I have not yet checked out their site, but I do hope it gets a lot of usage. Seems like a great idea and exciting that they executed on this.