Charles Anastase A/W 2011

Long double-breasted coats at Charles Anastase.

At first sight of Charles Anastase's A/W 2011 collection for London Fashion Week, I was blown away by how he brought minimalism to a whole new level of beauty. With clean lines, form-fitting silhouettes, and rich colors with a great balance of neutrals and darks, Anastase successfully portrayed the meaning of sexy meets classy seventies chic.

More looks from Charles Anastase A/W 2011.

The collection includes a variety of beautifully tailored long double-breasted coats and dauntingly tall platform riding boots. The seventies factor shown by the long wide-legged trousers and jumpsuits included a sweet vibe with Peter Pan collars.

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One piece that really caught my eye was an entire dress made of an intricate design of metallic strips scattered and layered on top of each other. Chiffon, velvet, tweed, and wool were a few quirky yet luxurious fabrics used throughout the Anastase collection. The collection definitely made me excited for the Autumn/Winter collections this year -- it'll inspire me to try out seventies flared trousers or, if I dare, platform riding boots.

Kathleen Murillo
BARE Reporter

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