H&M Launches New Fashion Against AIDS Collection

H&M, though certainly not perfect, has been making a huge effort in making a name for themselves as a company that cares by recycling and reusing materials, and donating profits through their Fashion Against AIDS campaign.
H&M's third Fashion Against AIDS collection.

On April 28, H&M will be launching their third Fashion Against AIDS collection, which is shaping up to be a combination of sporty futuristic-like clothes with a generous twist. Better yet, H&M's Divided collection is ready to donate 25% of sales to youth HIV/AIDS projects all around the world.
Mint green crew neck sweatshirt from H&M's Fashion Against AIDS campaign.

Combining practicality with unisex designs, this new collection has a very clinical yet sporty feel to it as it incorporates light, steel-like colors on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Introducing the jumpsuit, newest craze or quickest fad?

Being a unisex collection definitely limits what the collection can and cannot have. To bring in the wow-factor, H&M has introduced jumpsuits, a very popular item in Sweden that is nearly unheard of in the States.
All images courtesy of Nitrolicious.

Overall, H&M's new Fashion Against AIDS campaign is very innovative although it seems as though it may be a hit-or-miss collection.

Anisa Young
BARE Reporter

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