Issues Magazine Shop

Issues Magazine Shop is located at 20 Glen Avenue in Oakland.

A world of gloss. This is what I told myself as I anxiously sat on the number 12 bus heading towards Piedmont. I reminded myself why I am so hazardously testing my navigational skills, or lack thereof. Yes, a world of thought-out words and beautiful pictures, all attached to paper so smooth it belongs under glass. And there I was.

There was one girl working, if you do not count her cute little dog. There were a couple of people in the store just browsing around. I was in editorial heaven. There were magazines from around the world, topics ranging from cars to dogs to music to fashion. The shop was serene, with relaxed lighting that was just enough to read without trouble. Not only were there all sorts of magazines, but records and books as well.

Unfortunately, I had class that day and had to leave this magical world of print, though I know I could have spent hours longer inside.

An inside view of Issues.

That magazine in the middle looks familiar..

Crafty decorations create a relaxed vibe at the shop.

All photography by the author.

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter

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  1. I love the idea of this store. With all the iPads being bought (I'm guilty!), this somehow feels very "1984"... only we're 25 years early.