London Fashion Week: Katie Eary

Two menswear looks from Katie Eary.

Being a student who is busy with work and other campus groups, it can definitely be a chore to keep up with the explosion of fashion weeks that happen twice every year. Keeping up with the BARE blog is a must for Cal students who want to stay in the loop. However, my other suggestion is the Tivo approach to fashion week: pick a few designers you want to keep up with, and just go directly to their fashion shows.

For me, the designer I must keep up with is Katie Eary. Katie is a London-based menswear designer who truly sees no limits for men. For as long as I've been following her career - the past few seasons - I have been blown away by her collections. I love the way she steps away from the norms of men’s fashion and is not afraid to present a quirky, conceptual, engaging collection to her audience.

A couple more looks from Katie Eary.

In a horror-inspired Fall/Winter 2011 collection, Eary fearlessly mixed bright colored prints with extreme textures and other bright and bold prints. While I am crazy about the entire collection and how each piece makes an incredible statement, some of the standout pieces from this season include the spiked jeans, the metallic gold spider web t-shirt, and the tarantula print coat.

All images courtesy of Vogue London.

Equally exciting is the fact that this season, Katie presented womenswear looks this season. She has always been very open about her feelings towards unisexuality of her clothing but she has finally featured female models, including Harry Potter's Bonnie Wright, this season. Katie has so much potential and I would love to see her designs cross the Atlantic and make waves in the Bay Area.

Jordan Silver
Public Relations Director

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