Noise Pop Festival 2011

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Friday marked the fourth day of Noise Pop 2011, a festival dedicated to exposing local bands while also bringing more notable indie bands to several different venues in San Francisco.

Yesterday, the Happy Hour show at Benders Bar featured the bands: Wet Illustrated, Jake Mann and the Upper Hand, and Shannon and the Clams.

Wet Illustrated, the show's opening performance.

Wet Illustrated was the first band to perform. Their songs were a combination of blaring distorted guitars, clashing drums and high energy rhythms. The lead vocals, provided by the drummer, matched their garage rock sound, but were drowned out by the other instruments. Regardless, this band set the tone for an engaging night at Benders Bar.

Jake Mann and the Upper Hand came up second.

The second band to perform was Jake Mann and The Upper Hand from San Francisco. Their style features different textures of prominent bass lines, and melodic guitar solos. The mellow sound of the music pulled the audience in, with many of them swaying or tapping along with the beat. Even though their set got off to a great start, many were demanding for the volume on the vocals to be put up. Once the issue was resolved, they continued to have a remarkable set by weaving their slower songs with faster paced indie rock songs.

The main event: Shannon and the Clams.

The main event of the night came last with Shannon and the Clams. This rock trio from Oakland stood out from the moment they walked on the stage with the black capes that they were wearing. The bar was considerably packed in anticipation of this band, and as soon as they started, the energy from the audience considerably rose.

Shannon and the Clams continue to excite the crowd.

Their music features influences of surfer rock and it is reminiscent of an earlier era. They put a modern twist on it with vocals that range from sweet to raspy, which can be heard on their song, “Troublemaker.” The crowd pleaser of the night was the song, “I Wanna Go Home,” which was sung along to by many members of the crowd.

Throughout their set, the guitarist of Shannon and the Clams was dancing to every one of their songs, and by the end of the night the audience was dancing too. It seemed that everyone was pulled into their music by their unique sound and effervescent stage presence. The turn-out for Shannon and the Clams shows that this is a band to watch out for.

At the end of the night the audience had been taken through a fluctuating atmosphere. Every band that played brought a different sound to the stage and they all received unique yet positive responses. Going to a Noise Pop show is definitely a must for those who want to get a glimpse of what the local music scene is made of.

Anna Leal
BARE Reporter

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