PFA African American Film Festival: Beyond the Ocean

Beyond the Ocean portrays the experiences of two African immigrants as they try to find success and make a living while traveling throughout Europe. Image source.

The Pacific Film Archive’s African Film Festival continued Saturday with Eliane de Latour’s Beyond the Ocean (Après l’océan).

Portraying the experiences of two African immigrants, Otho (Djédjé Apali) and Shad (Fraser James), trying to find success in Europe, the film was a skillfully crafted piece that explored the human condition through the international ventures and struggles of the two men. Dealing with issues of class, sexuality, race relations and family, the film was a tour de force that was as educational and eloquent as it was visually pleasing: along with the intersecting narratives of the central characters, a collage of colors, locales and camera perspectives heightened the overall experience that was the film.

The African Film Festival ends this season’s run on Thursday, February 17, with a showing of contemporary African short films including A History of Independence and Intermittent Delight. Tickets for Cal students cost $5.50 and the showing starts at 7:00 pm.

Scott Hovdey
BARE Reporter

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  1. Beyond the Ocean looks good. I'll keep it on my "To Watch" list. Today I also added the Algerian film Outside the Law, and finally saw the South African film White Wedding. It's the ultimate roadtrip film: uplifting, funny, and not afraid to deal with the real social problems of South Africa. You should check out the trailer at the film's site: