We Were Here: A Look Back to the AIDS Epidemic at its Height

The trailer for "We Were Here."

This weekend I took a trip to San Francisco's historical Castro Theatre to watch a special engagement of "We Were Here," a documentary about the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco in the 1980’s.

The film gives an informative, heart-wrenching, and at times humorous look at the crisis that has still carried on until today. It was incredible to understand the emotional and physical impact that the era had on those who were personally affected by the crisis and really makes you think about the real impact of such a powerful disease. The film is based around a series of interviews with people who were very much present in the Castro district in the heart of the crisis.

While I find that most people are aware of the HIV virus, how it is transmitted, and the effects of the disease, watching "We Were Here" really brings the issue back into the consciousness of a generation that did not directly suffer through the epidemic at its height.

"We Were Here" will be screening at the gorgeous Castro Theatre through the end of this week. To get there, grab your Clipper Card and take BART to Downtown SF and transfer to MUNI outbound and get off at Castro Street.

Jordan Silver
Public Relations Director

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