Abstract Partying

You won't find any sequins or mini skirts here; it's all about that 50's silhouette!

Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up in Mad Men attire? Last night I put on my best Joan Harris outfit and joined my BAM/PFA Student Committee members in hosting most happening art shindig in town: the midcentury themed Abstract Now/Then Party at the Berkeley Art Museum.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing (and these Cal students have definitely got it).

The party was definitely accommodating of a student budget. I turned some free Acme bread and Cheeseboard cheese (yum) into a makeshift dinner. After my stomach was fully satiated, I downed a few free mock cocktails, enjoyed student jazz performances, and failed miserably at mastering the art of swing dancing during free lessons from SwingCal.

Listening to museum director Lawrence Rinder as he talks about some of the art pieces.

Despite all the other happenings, I did manage to learn something about art when director of the museum himself, Lawrence Rinder, gave a riveting tour of the exhibit filled with fun facts. Like that Jackson Pollock's trademark explosive paint splotches are thought to be inspired by the quite literal nuclear explosions of WWII.

Overall, the unbeatable combination of free dancing, food, and art made for the most enjoyable of abstract evenings.

Shirin Ghaffary
BARE Reporter

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