Cal Street Style: Laura

Laura wears Justin steel-toed boots, Nudie jeans, a top from Cross roads, a sweater from Buffalo Exchange, and a bag and beanie from Urban Outfitters.

“Sales will bring me anywhere,” says Laura, a fourth year Art History major. A fan of thrift and secondhand clothing, Laura likes to shop at local consignment shops like Crossroads, Mars, and Sharks. When she does indulge in a high-end purchase, like her Nudie jeans from Slash on College, she takes extra care to keep them clean. “They told me never to wash them!” Laura exclaims.

Even so, the hunt for unique finds at low prices is where Laura gets her thrill. A good portion of her outfit here is composed of bargain items where she accents a blue toned ensemble with nude accessories and leather steel-toed boots.

Nupur Behera
BARE Reporter


  1. what a hotty!! i wanna bend her over and do her nasty styles!!

  2. Laura is so stylish! I love her look and her fantastic boots.

  3. Very cute girl. She really knows how to shop and look supper GREAT without wasting money. My kind of person!

  4. The ornament on your jeans really look cool.
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