Fashion Feud Continues with Round Three

Some of the merchandise that the vendors displayed at Fashion Feud.

This past Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the third round of this year's Fashion Feud at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco with a few friends. The venue was filled with many guests and a few vendors, such as Set Boutique, Edo Salon and BobbePin. They showed off their amazing pieces, including versatile clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, and even gave free makeovers.

Clockwise from far left: the contestants Lori Dawn and Sally Marie Hahn, the judges Zoe Brock and Lauren Crafford, and the hosts.

The event started off with two hosts introducing the two featured designers, Lori Dawn, a San Francisco-based designer who creates modern yet whimsical clothing and believes dressing up is also an art, and Sally Marie Hahn, another local designer with an eye for edgy and sophisticated styles and designs. There were also two lovely guest judges, Zoe Brock, a manager of Edo Salon, a high-end eclectic hair salon and art gallery in the city, and Lauren Crafford, an executive designer and owner of LHC Couture, which sells a line of versatile and wearable clothing for women of all ages.

The two designers at work on their pieces.

As the Fashion Feud began, the hosts brought out the mystery fabrics the two designers needed to create their winning ensembles. In line with the “Project Runway” theme, they actually used fabrics from the famous Mood Fabrics Store: an orange and white polka dot fabric, along with a separate opaque black silk-like cloth. The designers had a total of only one hour to create their entire look. In addition to this fashion chaos, there was a make-up artist and hair stylist from Pigment Cosmetics working diligently on the two models.

Models Arielle and Stephanie Williams show off the designers' finished products.

The two models were actually sisters, Arielle Williams (in Sally's design) and Stephanie Williams (in Lori's design). Both looked flawless in the two designs: Sally Marie used the orange and white polka dot fabric to her advantage by creating a fierce yet chic hood wrapped around the black dress. Lori decided to create separate pieces, using the same fabric for the orange and white skirt to create an intricate design on the back part of the top as well.

Detail shots of the two looks.

A few more looks of the models in the designers' looks.

Zoe, one of the guest judges, announced her opinions to the audience: she loved the detail on the back of Lori's design and definitely adored the fierce hood on Sally Marie's dress. The winner was decided by how much noise the audience made as each model showed off their looks on stage.

The winning designer, Sally Marie Hahn, with her model Arielle. All photography by the author.

Ultimately, the clear winner of the night and the crowd-favorite was Sally Marie Hahn. I really loved her design. Kudos to her for creating and thinking of adding such a fierce and gorgeous hood to the dress! I now need a dress like that; after all, why not go out in the rain with style?

Keep a look out for Fashion Feud Round Four, scheduled to be on April 12th at the Rickshaw Stop, where the three winners from the first three events will battle it out for the title of the Fashion Feud San Francisco Champion!

Kathleen Murillo
BARE Reporter

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