The Importance of Being Earnest (and Charitable!)

A view of the Red Cross Gala Launch Party, held at the Aviation Museum at SFO.

I absolutely love charity. Nothing makes me happier than putting my dollars or time toward something that I know will benefit others. For instance, this past week on Wednesday I volunteered at the Red Cross Gala Launch Party. It was a wonderful event held at the Aviation Museum in the San Francisco Airport. With cocktails, food, and a lively crowd, it hardly felt like volunteering!

All the female volunteers wore black cocktail dresses, and all the men wore black slacks with a white shirt and tie. They gave us adorable vintage Red Cross volunteer uniform jackets, which, as a guest had noted to me, was “wonderfully flattering on everyone.” The hors d’oeuvres that we passed out were from different local restaurant, and each chef had come to the gala to talk about their creations. Those in attendance at the gala were very friendly and so appreciative of us.

Left: The author (right) and her friend Aleana showing off their vintage swag.
Right: An ice sculpture of Grey Goose, a sponsor of the party.

I had such a great time volunteering that I can’t wait to help out on April 16th, at the Red Cross Gala in San Francisco’s Union Square! It’s going to be a wonderful night under the stars at this black tie event. If you are interested in some volunteerism (and some schmoozing with the upper crusts of San Francisco society), send an email to Ashley De Smeth, the Volunteer Coordinator, at Also check out the Gala’s website. There are all types of shifts available during the day and evening, so be sure to sign up!

The female volunteers in cute all-American salutes. All photography by the author.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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