It's Officially Spring: Bye Bye Pastels, Hello Neons!

Maggie Rizer showing off this spring's make-up trends in April's Marie Claire UK.

Spring is back and it's brighter than ever! For a while, spring meant delicate floral prints, soft pastel colors and sheer fabrics. This year, stylists, designers and fashionistas alike are making a statement with solid neon looks.

Maggie Rizer (d'management group) models spring make-up trends in the April issue of Marie Claire UK. Bright and metallic eyelids paired with mat neon lips are taking center stage this season.

A few more images of Maggie in bold eye color.

Meanwhile in the States, Victoire Mac-Dauxerre poses in Hollywood's Wonderland in solid sheen dresses by the likes of Thankoon, D&G, and Lanvin.

Victoire Mac-Dauxerre poses in several luxurious dresses rich in color just in time for spring.

All images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.

So go forth readers, and be daring in your make-up and wardrobe choices. This is the season to make colorful choices!

Julia Joung
BARE Reporter

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  1. Love this post! I really am loving all the color for spring!! I usually don't wear bright colors, but that's what I'm looking forward to -- to challenge myself :). And I love the idea of color blocking too for spring! <3 Lanvin too!! :)

    <3, Kathleen.