Paris Fashion Week: Balmain

Balmain followed its eighties inspiration and created yet another wearable, less-fuzzy collection for Fall 2011.

The super-sharp shoulders, disco sequins, and French Revolution-inspired drapes were replaced with more clean lines and cuts, focusing on elongating the silhouette and keeping it very simple. However, some of the good old glitter and skinny pants, “toned down” shoulder pads as well as embellished dresses managed to make their way to the catwalk.

A few looks from Balmain's new collection.

The colors used in the collection were mainly blue, gold, black, white, and silver – combinations that are not used together that often. This seems like an attempt to soften and brighten the heavy use of dark colors typical for fall collections. While also emphasizing the 80’s influence, there’s also a hint of folklore in the patterns, especially the jackets.

The dresses are thrown over the models, showing that they are bold and attention-grabbing: you just put it on and look like a rock star. For me, this reflects upon the super success formula Balmain had with their Spring 2009 collection. The twist this year is that they’re big and more slouchy rather than figure-hugging and sexy.

A couple more looks from Balmain.

The clean aspect of this collection is also reflected in the models: they’re barely wearing any make-up and their hair is straight and loose. The shoes are not grabbing any attention, and there are no accessories to be seen.

A couple more looks from Balmain.

I liked this collection because it’s extremely versatile, and the colors represent a new way of thinking about fall. But, it also looks a bit unfinished and simplistic, which can cause one to wonder if Christophe Decarnin had the time to make an extra pair of pants, instead opting to dress the models in the black jumpsuits.

All images courtesy of The Cut.

Masha Mandic
BARE Reporter

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