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Donate to Japanese relief efforts by buying a shirt by Tory Burch. Image courtesy of Rue La La.

In the wake of the recent tragedy in Japan, prominent designer Tory Burch has teamed up with Rue La La to sell t-shirts benefiting victims.

Rue La La is a relatively new website showcasing private sale boutiques, each for a limited time. What makes it unique? It’s exclusive. Usually, only members can invite other members to access the site, so you know what you’re getting is quality, and not only that - it’s private.

However, to support those in need in Japan, the site is temporarily opening to all fashion savvy humanitarians for the next three days. Take advantage of this all-access boutique while you can and help relief efforts by purchasing a $29 t-shirt designed by Tory Burch.

For the next three days, each shopper on Rue La La can buy up to four Japan relief t-shirts, with 100% of the benefits going directly to the American Red Cross to benefit victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Additionally, to encourage purchase, Rue La La is offering free shipping.

The t-shirt is plain, but speaks volumes, having been inspired by the Japanese flag, with an intermittent row of hearts. Purchase your shirt and help Japanese victims here.

Kelsey Bucsko
BARE Reporter

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