Shop With Your Friends

Anytime I start perusing e-commerce stores, the voice of Gretchen Weiner (Mean Girls) rings through my head, reminding me of that cardinal girl-world rule: Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you, right? Oh, um, of course I wouldn't! Unfortunately, inviting your friends to come over when you're still dressed in your pj's and sporting uncombed hair isn't considered polite, and so my wardrobe has had to suffer the consequences.

But no longer--thanks to the newly launched Shop With Your Friends website, now you can connect with friends on Facebook and share personal lookbooks containing all your favorite outfits. You could use this platform to discuss purchasing cosmetics online and share tips to do so. There's even a "Shop Live" option, where you and five friends can pool your creative brain juices and come up with a collaborative lookbook! I think Gretchen Weiner would heartily approve.

Aimee Shimizu
Assistant Blog Editor

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