Sway’s Spring Fashion Show

The accessories’ bold colors gave the outfits an extra flair.

This past Wednesday evening, Sway held its annual Spring Fashion Show. Not only did they display affordable evening wear, they also showcased unique styles that are easy to wear on campus. Sway has a vast collection of the vintage and modern pieces, and the way the clothes were styled on the models showed that they know how to play up individualistic styles.

Models showed their individualistic charms with their own charismatic walks.

Each model with uniform green eye shadows, red lips, teased hair, and a pair of sunglasses in hand, embodied a different personal style anyone could imitate and make their own. This appeal added to Sway’s enticement in its viewers. One couldn’t help but compliment and comment on the outfits on the runway.

A minimalistic look anyone can adore and imitate for her own use.

The “Prep” theme showcased a variety of looks for spring. Some looks had bold, eye-catching colors, creating a flashier vibe, while others were more minimalistic and monochromatic. Details and layering seemed key to the outfits as well. Velvet shoes and lacey dresses made the audience realize that using different fabrics and materials can create a whole new mood for an outfit. As the models strutted down the lit runway to techno music and catchy beats, the viewers couldn’t help but seize the 10% discount after the show so they can push their own boundaries of personal style.

Details in their outfits, such as the lace in this dress, made Sway’s clothes pop out to its viewers. All photography by Diana Li.

Dooee Kim
BARE Reporter

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  1. so glad they do this regularly! sway is such a great store to have in berkeley!