Atlas on Lower Sproul

This Friday, Superb productions brought Atlas to play for their noon concert series on Lower Sproul. Atlas is a hip-hop duo made up of Deader, who provides the beats, and Dex who performs the rhymes. Their half hour set started around noon, quickly drawing people in who were in the area.

A Mac, a mic, and some rhymes are all Atlas need to perform their set.

Atlas performed songs off of their recent album, Beauty & the Blues. Their alluring beats, scratching style and backing female vocals make their songs reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop. A couple of their stand-out tracks include, “Welcome to my Temple,” which can be heard here, and "Delirium" which can be heard here.

Dex, who is one-half of the Atlas duo, draws in the crowd with his fast rhymes.

While their songs are engaging and can draw in a crowd, the majority of the songs performed were in the same order of their album. As a result, the performance lacked spontaneity and interaction with the audience. By the end of their set, many had scattered, but those who stayed gave Atlas cheers of positive feedback.

To see where the band gets their inspiration, or if you just want to watch some interesting videos, check out the band's tumblr.

Atlas has a blog which can be found here, and if you would like to hear song samples or download their album, Beauty & the Blues, you can do that on their profile page.

Anna Leal
BARE Reporter

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