AXO Runway: Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

On Thursday, April 21, AXO hosted their 4th annual AXO Runway at Clark Kerr Krutch Theatre. In an effort to raise money and awareness against domestic violence, AXO combined fashion and philanthropy in a night of fun, fashion, and some good ol’ fashion competition.

AXO’s 4th annual Runway.

Structured similarly to the show “Project Runway,” each fraternity and sorority were given a certain amount of a particular fabric and told to simply “Make it work.” With no rules or restrictions as to what could be done to the fabric, each house came up with a very different outfit, contributing to the very eclectic collection of outfits in the end.

A model shows off a floor-length gown created by Delta Gamma.

All the sororities made dresses of all sorts; from elegant floor length dresses to an open back ivory mini-dress. O the other hand, the fraternities opted to go for the sex appeal by wearing barely anything at all, just a little scrimp of fabric here and there to cover all the necessary goods.

The frat approach to the runway.

Part two of the fashion show was dedicated to modeling Greek wear, which was definitely a little less exciting than the creative part one of the show. That doesn’t mean there were not any memorable parts to it though, oh no. From Sigma epsilon’s makeshift cardboard horse to Sigma Nu’s “THIS IS SIGMA NUUU!” in the fashion of “THIS IS SPARTA!,” there were many laughs to be had. In the end, two stands supreme over the rest, the winners of the 4th annual AXO Runway, decided by the ballot each audience member had, were AOPI and Sigma Nu, all hail!

The winners of the Runway, AOPi and Sigma Nu! All photography by Diana Li.

Anisa Young
BARE Reporter

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