BARE DIY Accessories & Trunk Show

What’s better than affordable jewelry? Having the bragging rights to say “Hey! I made this!”, and then seeing the awe that follows. And this is where BARE’s DIY Event + Trunk Show comes in! On Friday, April 8 at Westminster House between 12 - 4 p.m. people poured in to see just how crafty they can be. The first of its kind, the event was a raging success as students transformed into amateur jewelry designers, creating their own hex-nut bracelets, leather headbands, feather earrings, and more.

The chain purse station allowed you to create a cute sling bag for a mere $7!

While the crafts may seem intimidating at first, the BARE staff was great at helping out those who had problems with it. A little time consuming, yes, but most people were completely satisfied with the end result. Most people seemed thrilled to DIY as DIYing allows you to creatively add their own unique touches to their product that you cannot do if you simply bought it at a store.

The braided leather headband station was a quick, simply and cheap alternative to what Urban Outfitters was selling for a whooping $20!

Those who weren’t busy getting their craft on were perusing the many items generously provided by The Rare Bird. A boutique located in Oakland, The Rare Bird offered something to those less inclined towards making something as they presented an array of vintage clothing, jewelry and even home décor! The items were perfect for the crowd that came, as everyone seemed beyond excited to shop around the makeshift store.

All that shopping and DIY-ing can make a person hungry! Luckily popchips was kind enough to supply some much needed sustenance.

The most popular event was definitely the feather extensions provided by Vanessa Harvey. For only $7 (for two) or $10 (for three), you were able to give your hair a little oomph for barely any money or effort. Girls seemed to flock to the table, scrambling for their feathers that were than clipped into their hair, creating a cool, slick look that cannot be replicated in any other way.

Girls lined up to pick out the feathers for their feather extensions done by Vanessa Harvey.

By the end of the event, almost every table was seemingly bare of supplies, which was an indication of how successful the whole shindig was.

Anisa Young
BARE Reporter

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