Bay Area's First Annual Vegan Earth Day is Coming!

All of us deserve a little appreciation now and then, even Mother Earth. On Earth Day, April 22, the first annual Berkeley Vegan Earth Day will be held to promote veganism’s role in saving the environment.

The event aims to draw attention to that which is often overlooked in many Earth Day celebrations. Instead of focusing on issues such as recycling and energy consumption, the event will emphasize the importance of smaller lifestyle choices, even what we eat and wear, in aiding the environment.

Organized by Karine Brighten Events, which specializes in eco-friendly affairs, Berkeley Vegan Earth Day will entertain guests with both a movie and a panel discussion. The film by Species Alliances, entitled “Call of Life, Facing the Mass Extinction” explores the rapidly increasing rate of extinction of many different species. It not only documents the causes and effects of such widespread loss of life, but questions the role that our own cultural institutions play in its development and sustainment.

The panel will be moderated by author, journalist, and radio host, Rose Aguilar, and will discuss nutrition, environmentalism, and vegan lifestyle. However, Berkeley Vegan Earth Day isn’t merely trying to convert people to veganism. Founder Karine Brighten hopes to educate people on how they can help the environment, and how veganism can help them do it.

Berkeley Vegan Earth Day will take place on April 22nd in Wurster Hall. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 dollars for adults, with increasing prices for more goodies. To find out more about the event please visit Berkeley Vegan Earth Day.

Christina Kowalski
BARE Reporter

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