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Sometimes when you mix money and dancing, it’s not the most respectable thing. However, UC Berkeley’s Dance Marathon has the right idea. Attendees pay a $15 registration fee to not only support an amazing cause, but have an awesome time. And the Dance Marathon isn’t just dancing. This year there was face painting, a bouncy house, and circus performers.

A colorful welcome.

With such great activities, it’s no wonder there was a line out the door to get in. For those lucky enough to get inside of the event earlier in the evening, they got to see a performance from the Cal Band and Cheerleaders. The Band played a medley of pop songs ranging from “Bad Romance” to “I’ve Got a Feeling.” Successfully pumped up, the Marathon participants took to the dance floor to show off their skills.

The Cal Cheerleaders show us how it's done.

The whimsical events were all in the spirit of the night’s theme, Dr. Seuss. One staff member commented that Dr. Seuss was chosen to keep the event “child friendly.” The Dance Marathon aims to bring attention to and raise money for the fight against Pediatric AIDS. The $15 registration fee is the same amount than one round of medication that can prevent the spread of HIV from mother to child.

The Cal Band interpret Lady Gaga.

The Dance Marathon is especially important in light of the $800 million cut to HIV/AIDS programs, said Amy Chen, publicity coordinator of the Marathon. Chen also stated that the Marathon estimated that it would be able to give the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation around $50,000. That’s no small amount for an event with a giant Twister mat.

People showing off their awesome dance skills. All photos courtesy of Diana Li.

Christina Kowalski
BARE Reporter

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