The Mumlers on Lower Sproul

The Mumlers play on Lower Sproul as part of the Superb Productions noon concert series.

The Mumlers from San Jose, California took over Lower Sproul on Friday. Their set consisted of songs that can be found on their albums “Don’t Throw Me Away,” which was released in 2009, and “Thickets and Stitches” which was released in 2008. A considerable amount of people gathered, ready to be entertained by the chaos happening on stage as members switched off instruments for every song, introducing a unique sound that refuses to fall into a specific genre.

French horn solos are unusual in rock songs, but the Mumlers make it work.

The bulk of their songs carry the standard rock sound of drums, guitar and bass, but this group vamps up their sound with the addition of saxophones, trumpet, French horn and keyboard. Their song, “Red River Hustle,” features a saxophone and a French horn solo, which gives the song a swinging groove. “99 Years” is another song that showcases a big band influence by incorporating a saxophone and trumpet into the mix.

The ever changing instrumental line-up makes for an exciting performance.

Their ballad, “Don’t Throw Me Away” has a distinctively different sound from their other songs, sounding as if it could easily be from an older movie during a prom scene. The last song of their set was introduced by the singer: “Our last song is ‘Coffin Factory’, where you’re all gonna work when you get your degree.” The chilling thought of the introduction was fitting to the song itself, which features an organ effect that goes along with old zombie movies. Incidentally, their video for the song features the band members playing zombie roles and it can be found here.

Many members of the band are multi-instrumentalists. All photography by the author.

After the show, The Mumlers stayed to hang out and sell their merchandise. If you didn’t get a chance to see them or pick up a CD, you can hear their diverse sound on their website. The Mumlers will also be back in the bay on May 20th and will be playing at SF MOMA.

Anna Leal
BARE Reporter

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