A Pictorial Remembrance of Liz Taylor: The Last True Hollywood Star

Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of the classic movie star—always glamorous, smart, and charming. A trendsetter until her death, Liz popularized the tiny accentuated waistlines of the 1950's and the dramatic eyeliners of the 1960's. She owned (not borrowed) statement jewelry that quickly became a must-have for all A-list celebrities. Here are my favorite pictures of Ms. Taylor, in an ode to her beauty and life.

As a child, Elizabeth already looked like a beautiful young adult. I bet she never had an awkward stage.

Liz Taylor practically invented the glamor shot—the perfect mix of sexy and girly.

Liz (not Ke$ha) was the first person to rock the headdress, and damn, was she a diva!

Always one to flaunt her jewelry, Liz owned some of the most enviable pieces in existence, including a whopping 29.4-karat engagement ring.

Even when trying to be casual, Ms. Taylor could not help looking immaculately glamorous. Liz, you will be missed, but the legacy you’ve left will live on forever. Never to be forgotten, everyone will always remember you as the gorgeous violet-eyed beauty.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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  1. Liz Taylor has never really appealed to me, but that last picture has changed my tune! Thanx!