Interview with Saroj of Kreeya

Kreeya team (from left to right): Caroline, Saroj, Rachel

Who are the people behind Kreeya? is run by our small team of 3 women - Saroj, Caroline and Rachel. I have an engineering and entrepreneurial background. Caroline has a graphics and design background and Rachel has a literature and graphics background.

What is the story behind Kreeya? When did you decide to launch the website?

When I moved to San Francisco, I wanted to shop for clothes by independent designers in the city. But there was no easy way to do this. That was the beginning of Kreeya. We had a test launch before the Holidays with a handful of designers. After receiving really positive response from our early customers, we launched a more appealing website with 14 local independent designers at the beginning on this month.

Coming from different educational backgrounds, how did you guys meet and decide to create this online fashion boutique?

I had the initial idea for Kreeya to connect local independent designers with people who like to buy local and unique. At the beginning, I had been taking care of engineering and business for Kreeya and was looking for additional people to help me with graphics design and social media. A common friend introduced me to Caroline. Once Caroline was on board, she connected me to Rachel who was her classmate at school. Since then all 3 of us have been having fun working together at Kreeya.

The Bay Area is filled with many independent designers and boutiques. Did being around this environment and community play a big part on creating the website?

Definitely. San Francisco Bay Area is known for its unique culture and fashion. Through, we want to connect independent designers in and around San Francisco with people who want to make a statement with the clothes they wear. features local San Francisco designers.

How do you choose your upcoming designers for Kreeya? How often do you feature a new designer?

The fabulous clothes and accessories we sell on Kreeya are hand picked by our small team. If we wouldn't buy or wear it, we don't sell it. Every product you see on Kreeya is designed locally in the Bay Area by an independent designer. Although from time to time, we will feature someone special from another city or country. Most of the designs on Kreeya are unique, limited edition designs, many of which are made to order just for you. We strive to keep fresh and new content on Kreeya by featuring new designers every few weeks.

Are there any upcoming events or new designers that we should look out for?

Every few weeks, we launch new designers, partnership (such as with UTAC) and themes (such as Mother's Day most recently) on We will definitely keep you in loop as we launch new ones.

In a previous question you stated : " If we wouldn't buy or wear it, we don't sell it." What are your personal styles and favorite trends at the moment?

Here are some of the team's favorites on Kreeya:

Clockwise, from top left corner: Double V Top with Heart ($38); Sculpture Hoodie ($63); Doctors Bag ($89); Saako Spring scarf-lace ($65)

Lisa Park
BARE Reporter


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