Interview with Lexi Weinberg of Urban Girl Squad

When Urban Girl Squad took over the Spa at the Trump SoHo, what could have been a cloudy Tuesday evening for New York fashionistas, rushing home to beat the expected rain, was instead an event du jour, with clear skies, clearer minds, and even clearer pores. And tan ones too. Equipped with all the bells and whistles—tasty treats, spirits for the spirit, and a professional makeup artist—the “Spray Tanning Party and Summer Makeup” event left ladies with a glow reminiscent of a south of the border vacay. With painted faces, pinot in hand and gift bag in tow, New York natives were transported from their concrete lipstick jungle to a spa experience associated with the name Trump, and now also, Urban Girl Squad. BARE blog caught up with the Squad’s Lexi Weinberg to talk tanning, parties, and the sacred rule of “no boys allowed”.

Urban Girl Squad members find respite from the hustle and bustle of the city at Trump SoHo spa.

How did Urban Girl Squad begin and how did you all start throwing these events?

Amanda [Hoffman] started Urban Girl Squad in 2008 with a big dream and it has really taken off amazingly ever since. We do all kinds of events from wine tastings, cooking classes, horseback riding, rifle shooting, beauty and spa events, to volunteer events. It’s really Amanda’s brainchild, her baby.

Now what was the basis of tonight’s event. Was it just for ladies to come have fun in the summer, that kind of thing?

A lot of our summer events are definitely about summer beauty. We had an Aveda event about summer up-dos. This is spray tanning which obviously we could all use a little of in the summer—well, some of us could really use (laughs). And so it’s really just a summer appropriate event. And we’re also learning about summer makeup and having some touch ups done. Mostly it’s about having fun, meeting other women—amazing women in the city, have a fun time, network, socialize. It’s such an amazingly diverse group.

Left: A delicious array of hors devours. Right: A healthy sun-kissed glow and a lounge chair by the pool are all I want this summer.

How did you end up at the Trump SoHo spa for this?

Well It’s such a beautiful spa and beautiful location. Last night was my first night here. We’re so fortunate enough to work with them.

Walk me through today’s event. If I’m coming to participate what should I expect?

All the ladies tonight are getting a spray tan—which is fabulous. I had mine [done] last night. It’s amazing. It’s so much healthier. You come out glowing instantly and you didn’t damage your skin. We also have some lovely hors d’oeuvres, wine, makeup touch-ups, and some fabulous ladies to socialize with.

Do you have any other upcoming events for the summer that the ladies should know about?

Yes we do! We have a rooftop cocktail reception coming up. And an event called Cigars and Scotch, which is a cigar and scotch tasting. A really gutsy event! Later on in the summer we have another Aveda event with heat styling for hair.

How does one find out about Urban Girl Squad events?

The best way is to sign up at You receive emails about every event that we have, follow-ups with pictures from the events. So you see your beautiful face online on our website sometimes. A lot of the women I meet at the events, a friend bought them and then they get hooked.

We all deserve a little bit of primping and pampering, don't you agree? All images courtesy of Bianca Thomas.

In terms of the Urban Girl Squad brand, what is it and who is the UGS lady?

We’re a social group for women in their twenties and thirties who are interested in getting out, meeting other women in the city, networking, socializing, and learning something new. We also have volunteer events if you feel like doing something good as well. If you’re interested in getting out there and meeting other movers and shakers, then UGS is for you.

Any Urban Boys Squad to come?

(laughs) Not that I know of. Sorry fellas.

Sorry fellas…..

The only event we do have men at is our singles events. It wouldn’t be much of a singles event without the single men (laughs). And they are a blast! It’s Friend of a Friend singles party. We just did one about two or three weeks ago. It’s where single ladies bring a male friend that they’re not dating or can’t date for whatever reason but would recommend to a girlfriend. And we mix and mingle. We have icebreakers, raffle prizes, like tonight’s event we have favor bags to go home with the ladies. But that’s about the only event men are allowed to attend. Otherwise it’s ladies only.

Do you think Urban Girl Squad cross sects with fashion in a big way?

Absolutely! Directly we have some fashion events. One of my favorites was our stylist event. We had a stylist named So Fab help us with our color and our body shape. And she gave every lady at the event one on one attention and it was by far one of the most educational evenings I have ever had. But in terms of fashion, beauty, pampering yourself, being fashion forward, we have a lot of events like that.

To sign up for events or to learn more about Urban Girl Squad go here.

Shalwah Evans
BARE Reporter

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