Album Review: Nocturnal by Aziatix

Nocturnal by Aziatix. 
As a dedicated lover of R&B, I’d have to say I have a critical and deciphering ear when it comes to this genre. There are few R&B artists out there who can truly call themselves musicians without being stigmatized as mere puppets of the music industry. What I love about Aziatix is that fact that they take their work seriously, and have crafted an incredible album to prove it.

Aziatix is comprised of vocalists Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee, and rapper “Flowsik”. These brave three, along with their famous producer Jae Chong, have entered the American music market, despite the fact that they are all Korean. Collectively they compose, write lyrics, and produce the beat – you name it, they get down to business.

Seeing as each one has a successful career as a solo artist, you know you can expect some powerhouse combinations. Flowsik is well-known in the underground hip-hop scene and has earned the recognition of rapper Ice-T; he has the capacity to deliver realistic lines with amazing flow, accentuated by his deep, husky vocal tones. Eddie debuted in Korea with his successful self-produced album and has developed into a brilliant song-writer; his sweet, honest, and distinctive vocal tone gives force and gentleness to their songs. After initially debuting in Korea, Nicky quickly gained recognition as Taiwan’s best vocalist when he won the Best Male Singer Award in 2007; his sentimental R&B tone brings about a great emotional quality and depth to his expressions.

They’ve debuted at #4 as iTunes chart toppers, and believe me, you’ll fall in love with them after hearing the first beat. They’re the first Asian Americans to be featured on AOL’s music homepage and possess a global fanbase. I’ve had the honor of hearing them live in LA, and what a rarity it is to have the reality better than anything you could’ve imagined. So give them a chance to show you what true musicians really are!

Aziatix - Go

Aziatix–Slippin’ Away
Aziatix– Be With You (Rock Mix)

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Dooee Kim
BARE Reporter