Alexa Chung + Madewell Event in San Francisco

The newly opened Madewell store at Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco.

"Why are you all lined up outside a clothing store?"

"Uhh...'CAUSE ALEXA CHUNG IS HERE!!!" After saying this about a hundred and one times, I was ready to die from excitement just from waiting in line for the Alexa Chung + Madewell event to finally begin.

Alexa Chung Blogger with collection
Clockwise from top: 1. Alexa with a fan. 2. A fellow shopper with her arms full of pieces from the collection. 3. The author with her style icon.

Ignoring the fact that the collection is designed by the beautiful, graceful, hilarious, and slightly bonkers Alexa Chung, with whom I am completely smitten with (if you couldn't tell), the collection itself is amazing. Made from only the finest material known to man, such as silk and calf hair, the clothes are incredibly soft to the touch and perfect for fall layering. If I could, I would fill an entire room with Alexa's button-ups and sweaters and sleep away the winter among the palm tree prints and cozy knits - but then nobody would get to see how good these clothes are, and that just wouldn't do either.

Top: Fans swarming in front of the store. Bottom: The collection display in-store. All images courtesy of author.

The fashionable were lined up outside, patiently waiting for their chance to meet the British gal herself and shop her enormously popular line. See those amazing leopard calf hair booties on her feet? Sold out before it even hit stores. I know, we all shed a soft tear. Her color scheme could not be more perfect for fall, with the soft pinks, light blues, tender grey, camel, and dark greens.

Her collection is a mix of everything and anything she has ever worn - references to Alexa's vast collection of vintage goodies are clearly visible, but there is something so endearing, so fun about the pieces that you can't help but love them. It's an opportunity for the lucky gals who snagged some goodies, to take a peek inside Alexa's amazing wonderland of a wardrobe.

Madewell is located in the Westfield Mall, 845 Market Street. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily. 

Anisa Young
BARE Reporter


  1. Anisa, this is fantastic! Great job.

  2. Love Alexa!! She did such an amazing job creating a collection for mnadell, i bought two of her dresses!

    I just made an Alexa Chung mini book full of illustrations of miss chung! I made an illustration of one of her ads for madewell!

    you can check it out on my etsy!