Best Berkeley Brunch: Lois the Pie Queen

Before coming to Berkeley, brunch was just a meal that you had on rare occasions with a bunch of your extended relatives. Then I started hearing all about everyone’s Sunday morning brunches and I became instantly curious and just a little jealous. Ever since I have – admittedly – become a bit of a brunch addict and am on a never-ending search to find brunch buddies and most importantly, the best brunch spots in Berkeley. 

In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to highlight some of my personal favorite local brunch spots that will hopefully shake up your typical La Note/Ann’s Kitchen routine. They might be a little further from campus than a typical Berkeley student would prefer, but once you get there, you’ll be so glad you did! Enjoy!

A humble establishment, but you won't find better chicken and waffles anywhere else. 
During my freshman year, my friend Alli insisted that we get some Southern food for brunch because she was homesick and really hungry. I was more than willing to try out the place she’d heard of, Lois the Pie Queen, with her. 

We were greeted by a warm man, who must have been the owner, who welcomingly put his hands on our backs and walked us directly to our table. We sat down and after taking one glance at the menu I knew immediately that I wanted chicken and waffles. I know a lot of people that are a bit weary of the combo but trust me, it’s so good (yes, you eat them together – with syrup).

You've got your protein, carbs, and caffeine -- all the nutrients a starving college student needs.
After waiting hardly any time at all, a heavenly plate with a golden brown waffle was placed down in front of my eager face followed by a plate of golden brown fried chicken – needless to say, my jaw dropped. I started spreading the butter over the pancakes followed by the delicious maple syrup and then put the chicken on top. Taking that first bite was heavenly and the chicken tasted like genuine southern cooking – Alli ate her meal without saying a word, I think she approved.

It was time to pay and we pulled out our credit cards to split the bill when the warm owner told us that they are cash only. We freaked out for a second when he interjected and suggested, “Look, there’s an ATM down the street – go get your cash, come back and you can just pay when you get back.” I was amazed at how much trust he placed in his customers but was relieved that he wasn’t annoyed with a couple of students who clearly had not researched his establishment more thoroughly. We got our cash and came back as fast as we could and paid our bill when the man suggested that we try some of their famous pie. We were totally stuffed but couldn’t resist buying a slice of “Lemon Ice Box” pie so we each got a slice to go. He insisted that we put it in the refrigerator as soon as we get home – great advice but it was not necessary since I couldn’t resist it for more than 2 minutes.

Maybe if Marie Antoinette had said "Let them eat pie" instead of cake, she would've kept her head. All images courtesy of Yelp
Lemon. Ice Box. Pie. Yes, it calls for its own paragraph. I’m not even a huge fan of pie, but this was just so divine. If Lois has it when you go, you can not unless you buy a slice to take home. It’s the most refreshing, unique, delicious pie I’ve ever tasted. If I had bought more than one slice, they would have all been eaten by me (and that would have been a problem). Words can’t describe how delicious it was – just try it for yourself. 

Well there’s my first suggestion for a delicious brunch in Berkeley. Lois the Pie Queen is located at 851 60th Street Oakland, CA. Let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations!

Jordan Silver
Marketing Director


  1. Love it Jordan! Have you tried the Thai Temple that serves thai brunch?? So good - check it out:

  2. The Lemon Ice Box Pie is so good. The Church of Pie Bay Area chapter highly endorses Lois the Pie Queen's establishment!

  3. I am so happy about and excited to read this series. You belong in NYC! Brunch is a pastime activity here. Let the mimosas pour on!