Berkeley Coffee And Tea Festival

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the First Annual Berkeley Coffee And Tea Festival, hosted by Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. Dozens of local vendors gathered around in the beautiful ballroom of Hotel Shattuck Plaza. It was so much fun – after all, who wouldn’t love a morning full of sampling fresh brewed tea/coffee and baked goodies!

First Annual Berkeley Coffee and Tea Festival.

A great turnout at Hotel Shattuck.

Each attendee received adorable mini-mugs at the door to take around for sampling exhibit after exhibit.

Breakfast courtesy of Five Bistro.

My favorites included Garden Creamery, Cherryvale Farms, Silk Road Teas, and Permano.

Garden Creamery: Could it be possible to indulge in a delicious frozen dessert without feeling guilty? The lovely ladies of Garden Creamery seem to have this down. Their non-dairy sorbets, especially the Thai Iced Tea flavor, are both creamy and refreshing.

The lovely ladies of Garden Creamery.

Yum! Thai Iced Tea sorbet.

Cherryvale Farms: Fall is in season, and the “Everything but the…” baking mixes sold by Cherryvale Farms make it especially easy to enjoy the seasonal produce in an easy and yummy way. I especially love that these mixes are college-friendly for those of us who don’t keep a fully stocked kitchen in our apartments. Cherryvale Farms doesn’t retail in Berkeley yet, but hopefully they make it out here soon! For now, products are available online.

The mother and daughter duo of Cherryvale Farms.

The pumpkin bread is a must-try.

Silk Road Teas: I was very fortunate to be educated about fine teas at a young age, so believe me when I say that this was one of the most perfectly brewed green teas I’ve had in awhile. Silk Road Teas visits China at the time of harvest to choose premium teas to bring back to you and me.

Silk Road Teas.

Authentic Chinese tea brewing.

Permano: This was simply the best homemade chocolate toffee I have ever tasted. Richly decadent and mouth-wateringly delicious, I must spread the word about Permano’s caramel almond toffee. In fact, the toffee recipe is handed down generations from Gina’s grandmother!

Gina of Permano.

The caramel almond toffee.

What a great (and non-routine) way to spend my Saturday morning!

Mitzi Yue 
BARE Reporter

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