Best Berkeley Brunch: Rick and Ann's

The past two weeks I've highlighted brunch spots with a distinct southern vibe; this week, I have to rave about a place that feels nothing but Californian. Situated just below the iconic Claremont Hotel, Rick & Ann's is filled with constant reminders that you are nowhere but in Berkeley, CA.

Like most Berkeley brunch spots, the wait on a Sunday can be truly horrendous but it's well worth it. I recommend going to the Peet's next door, grabbing a latte, and nurse it until your name is called. Once seated you'll probably notice all the amazing dishes being enjoyed by fellow diners and you will probably have a hard time deciding what looks best, but fear not - neither myself nor my brunch companions have ever been disappointed by their meal at Rick & Ann's.

The Northeast.

My personal favorite is the Northeast, which comes with the most delicious and unique hash that I've ever tasted. Their "red flannel hash" - made up of beets, sweet potatoes, red onion accompanied by some bacon and two eggs - has an exciting and refreshing flavor that you will love if you're a fan of traditional hash. I've tried other things at R&A's but Ive developed quite an affinity for this exciting dish. It just feels so distinctly Californian and with your choice of their daily baked goods - it's the best when they have something with blackberries or raspberries in my opinion - you're in for an incredible meal.

The day's special.

The service varies from time to time (never rude but sometimes just a little slow for my taste), but their amazing food makes this little 'quirk' something that I can ignore. Other R&A faves include their cheesey potato pancakes, a savory dish perfect for the vegetarian who loves a hearty meal, and the challah french toast dipped in orange-cardamom batter - I have no idea what cardamom is but it is seriously delicious.

My former suite mate, an East Bay native, is responsible for pointing me towards this gem and I will be forever grateful because Rick & Ann's truly deserves the solid reputation it's earned.

Rick & Ann's is located at 2922 Domingo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94705.

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Jordan Silver
Marketing Director

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  1. The wait at Rick and Ann's can definitely be long! I agree that the wait is worth it though. :) I usually lurk on BARE blog but I just wanted to say I love your East Bay restaurant reviews. Keep up the awesome work.

    Your Fan and Food Fanatic,