Best Berkeley Brunch: T-Rex

So if you were enticed by last week’s update about chicken and waffles in Oakland, I think your brunch taste buds will be equally excited by this next pick which highlights another type of southern cuisine: barbeque. T-Rex.

I first encountered T-Rex when BARE alum Seika and I decided to avoid studying for finals by taking a bus to somewhere far away from the stressful haze of campus. We ended up frolicking near the Berkeley Marina, which got us pretty hungry. Since we loved trying new places together, I pulled out my BlackBerry and decided to choose the best and closest restaurant to where we were exploring. This is how we stumbled upon T-Rex.

Considering it was 4 in the afternoon, we just decided to split a few side dishes and (in true BARE fashion) watch the Oscar red carpet on one of their many TV screens. We split mac-and-cheese and chicken fried bacon (yes you read that correctly) and we were completely drooling – not sure whether it was over the red carpet fashion or the southern goodness. Basically we were obsessed.

T-Rex's famous Duck Confit Hash. Image courtesy of T-Rex.
Fast-forward a year and a half to when my brunch obsession was fully developed and I decided to take my guest to brunch at T-Rex. We walked in and were seated on a gorgeous Berkeley day with no wait at all. Although being seated next to the window made it a little chillier than desired, we were starving so we each ordered our meals with a side of bacon (sadly, this bacon was not chicken-fried but it was still delicious).

Being a huge fan of “hash,” T-Rex’s Duck Confit Hash sounded right up my street. I was not disappointed when the huge portion was placed in front of me. The duck was cooked expertly and the poached eggs perfectly complemented the dish, I was beyond happy. My guest got the French toast, which was equally delicious. We were stuffed and happy by the end of our meals.

I love T-Rex because it’s off the beaten path but easily accessible by public transportation. The huge dining room decreases your wait time (the only major flaw with most weekend brunches), the staff is so friendly and the menu is truly unique for Berkeley. I love the southern, yet modern feel that T-Rex exudes and being the carnivore that I am – my eyes always light up when I see a big plate of ribs being set down in front of a hungry family at the table next to me. For that reason, T-Rex is my 2nd pick for BARE’s Best Berkeley Brunch – let us know what you think of T-Rex in the comments!

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Jordan Silver
Marketing Director


  1. Wow, that Duck Confit Hash looks like one amazing dish!

    I live in Victoria, BC, and have a hard time finding good quality brunch places.

    Your review of T-Rex has definitely perked my interest in visiting Berkeley!