Cal Street Style: Maritza

Mariza Street Style
Stepping into the beautiful sun outside of Wheeler Hall. 

Maritza, a first year Political Science major, is no slave to fashion.  “I just put on whatever I feel like,” she tells me when I ask her about her style inspiration.

And what’s better than a true, confident, personal style? Her light, flowing top is juxtaposed perfectly with the structure of her cardigan and polka dotted high waisted skirt. The red of her shoes and hair bow add the perfect pop of color!

She tells me that almost everything in her outfit is either from various garage sales or The Salvation Army. The only exceptions are her red flats, from Target, and her cardigan, which she says she took from her mom’s closet.

“I hope she hasn’t noticed yet!” she jokes.

Alexandra Mateo
BARE Reporter

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  1. I adore the skirt!! So chic. And pairing it with the red shoes was a wonderful idea.