Fleet Foxes at the Greek Theatre

Fleet Foxes

Last Saturday, Berkeley’s own Greek Theatre was graced with the presence of the amazing talent that is Fleet Foxes. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Fleet Foxes are currently on tour promoting their newest album, Helplessness Blues. This newest addition to their repertoire showcases the immense melodic growth the band has undertaken since the release of Sun Giant in 2008.

Throughout the two and a half hour show, the standing-room only theatre was riveted on the music. During pauses within songs, a hush fell over the audience, as no one wanted to break the spell that Fleet Foxes seemed to perpetuate. The effortless harmonies between the lead singer, Robin Pecknold, fellow guitarist and mandolin player, Christian Wargo, and drummer Joshua Tillman showcased what truly makes Fleet Foxes glow- they’re doing what they love.

As Fleet Foxes made it through the set list, the band made a number of redeeming and witty remarks, poking fun at each other and the audience. Most notably, Pecknold seemed genuinely impressed and flattered that the show had such a high turnout and that the audience was so receptive. To illustrate, I lost count of the number of times he said “Thank you” after six. Not only were the vocal and instrumental harmonies indescribably graceful and seamless, the band’s immense modesty was truly the icing on the already fantastic cake that is the Fleet.

For upcoming tour dates and other lovely surprises, visit the band’s website at http://fleetfoxes.com/

Kelsey Bucsko 
BARE Reporter

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