Keneuoe Vivere's Fashion Night Out

KeneuoeVivere is a design studio on College Ave which hosted a Fashion’s Night Out Event last Thursday evening. They’re known for their simple timeless pieces which can be worn on any occasion. Their forte is business wear for women, and they specialize in custom made orders.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a couture house with its simplistic designs and spacious areas. Colorful paintings of abstract motifs added to the upper-class art aesthetic. The artwork was carefully
 placed to complement the outfits surrounding them.

The designer also showcased her inspiration board to reveal to the customers her efforts and beliefs in creating her work. She makes and names outfits after people who have influenced her. She even has an outfit named after her high school teacher!

The fall collection consisted of great neutral hues and basics which customers can easily mix and match. KeneuoeVivere ‘s design team has also made an effort to source high quality fabrics, no small feat in these times of cheap, high street fashion. But what really caught my eye was the jewelry on the mannequins. Each piece had a subtle, glamorous quality to it that made the clothes make more of a statement, without hindering the aesthetics of the whole outfit. 

If you’re a young woman looking for graceful and sophisticated attire, I would definitely suggest coming here to get a customized outfit for your needs! 

Dooee Kim 
BARE Reporter

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  1. The clothed in KeneuoeVivere looks really elegant. I bet my wife would love their clothes.