Three Beauty Trends from New York Fashion Week

Although it’s always difficult to box all beauty trends into one category, this season the makeup was focused on enhancing certain facial features, whether it be brows, eyes or skin. Here are three beauty trends from New York Fashion Week that piqued my interest, and steps on how to incorporate them into your daily lives.

1. Fresh Faced

Natural makeup at Derek Lam.

The no-makeup makeup look has consistently been popular because it adds an element of youth. The most important aspect of this look is flawless skin. The skin is always glowing and free of imperfections, and as many of us are not blessed with perfect skin, foundation and concealer will be key to recreating this look. Apply foundation to cover up any unevenness or redness in skin tone, and then concealer to cover up anything the foundation might have missed such as dark circles and blemishes. And to finish off the look, contour the cheek and brow bones with a matte bronzer to give the impression of a chiseled face.

2. Smoky Eyes

Navy smoky eyes at Rodarte.

The navy blue smoky eyes at Rodarte stood out amidst the sea of fresh, bare faced models at New York Fashion week. This look definitely adds a lot of interest and drama , so unless you are very daring, this is best saved for the evening. To reproduce this look I would start by patting on a dark satin navy shadow on the lids. Afterwards, apply a black shadow in the crease and on the lower lash line and blend. There doesn’t seem to be too heavy of an emphasis on eyeliner or mascara, so after those two simple steps you are finished!

3. Bold Brows

Bold, black brows at Altuzarra. All images courtesy of Refinery29.

Thick, dark brows were also extremely popular, which is good news because it means you can let your brows grow out and forget about painful waxing this season. Although I do not suggest sporting black brows for everyday wear, filling them in a little thicker with a dark brown brow pencil or powder will help you achieve a more wearable look.

What were your favorite beauty trends from NYFW? Let us know in the comments!

Heather Hui
BARE Reporter

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