Yalls and Teen Daze at Public Works

A crowd gathered as the dull hum of idle chatter turned into something more frenetic. The venue is just a small loft space hidden somewhere in the Mission District of San Francisco, but the intimacy of it soon had the audience dancing to a wave of pulsing electro beats. Suddenly a boring Tuesday night had gotten a lot more interesting.

Check out the rest of his work and download his album for free here .

The two bands performing -- Bay Area glo-fi one man band Yalls, and Canadian chill waver Teen Daze -- are more of the psychedelic pop variety than their overseas French electro cousins. Yalls, a Berkeley native, sounds like trippy pop with his interesting synth hooks and somewhat melancholic vocals. Songs like Spaceship, Shapeless, and Germs are both incredibly powerful and fun all at once.

More Teen Daze can be found here 

Teen Daze, who headlined the event due to the release of his new album "A Silent Planet", produces chill electro beats reminiscent of a quintessential 80's song. Although the crowd was dancing, his music also sounds perfect for lying in a sunlit park. The music is extremely unique and slow, yet also pop-y, and with the disco ball projecting star like patterns onto him, you could possibly mistake the venue for a stargazing dome. Teen Daze and Yalls are both still touring, and they have several more shows together in the US.

Katie Roseff 
Co-Creative Director

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