Best Berkeley Brunch: Brown Sugar Kitchen

I know in the past I've talked about places with a Southern flare, with a heavy emphasis on chicken and waffles but I have to bring up another example because I'm kind of obsessed with it. There really is nothing better than Southern cooking on a Saturday, nothing.

There's a good reason why the seats at Brown Sugar Kitchen are always filled.

Nestled between Emeryville and West Oakland, Brown Sugar Kitchen. As the name would lead you to believe, serves up some of the most delicious Southern cooking that I've tried in the East Bay. When walking through BSK's doors, my eyes immediately darted toward the divine looking red velvet cake and sweet potato pie. Thankfully we were seated pretty quickly, or else I would have totally ruined my meal by ordering a slice of each.

After being poured a cup of delicious Roast Coffee Company's "Brown Sugar Kitchen" blend*, my friend ordered the Smoked Pork Hash with poached eggs and I, naturally, ordered the Fried Chicken and Cornmeal Waffle. The waitress was not even fussy when I asked if it would be possible if I could have the white meat - a huge plus for me! We eagerly waited for our food and when it arrived we were not disappointed.

Left: Smoked Pork Hash with poached eggs. Right: Fried Chicken and Cornmeal Waffle.

My chicken and waffles were prepared expertly - the perfectly-sized chicken breasts were just the right amount of spicy and the waffles were beautiful and golden. John's hash looked equally amazing and when I tried it, it was as smokey as the menu claimed. Needless to say, we finished our food promptly, it was that good.

When you go to Brown Sugar Kitchen, you will see why I find it so charming - it's small enough that in the unlikely event that there isn't a crowd, you will probably drive right past it. The staff are all adorable, the chefs are always hard at work, the interior is simultaneously welcoming and modern (my favorite aesthetic), and most importantly the food is to die for. It's definitely worth venturing into Oakland for this fantastic brunch spot.

Brown Sugar Kitchen is located at 2534 Mandela Parkway in Oakland.

*Thank you Phil for the correction.

Jordan Silver
Marketing Director


  1. DROOOOOLING! That looks SO delicious, can you believe I've never had waffles and chicken yet? Need to try it ASAP! xxAnisa

  2. Thank you for the very kind words!! By the way, we've been serving Roast Coffee Company's "Brown Sugar Kitchen" blend since September '08.

    Phil Surkis
    Brown Sugar Kitchen