Cold Weather Accessories

Although the weather in Berkeley has been oddly warm lately, the cold weather will set in soon enough. Quite a significant percentage of body heat is lost through the head and hands, so here are some accessories to help you tackle the cold in style!

Hats are one of the best accessories for winter because they instantly polish any outfit, and act as crucial lifesavers for bad hair days. Some of the most popular styles this season are floppy hats and slouchy beanies. The floppy hat adds an instant touch of Parisienne chic and class to any outfit, while the slouchy beanie adds a laid-back, casual feel.

Gloves tend to be an often overlooked, but they are actually one of the most useful and stylish cold weather accessory. Since hands are so distant from the center of the body, they tend to lose heat rather quickly, so it’s important to protect them from the cold! There are so many different styles that anyone can find their perfect pair. And texters do not fear, there are fingerless gloves and gloves with finger tips designed especially for touch screens that allow you to text and have warm hands at the same time.

What’s your favorite accessory for winter?

Heather Hui
BARE Reporter

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