Cults Take Over Lower Sproul

Regardless of the odd mid-October heat, students crowded Lower Sproul on Friday at noon to take a break from midterms and watch the Cults play. The duo, guitarist Brian Oblivion and vocalist Madeline Follin signed on to In the Name Of Records earlier this year, and have seen increasing success ever since. After watching their set it is easy to see why they are quickly gaining a loyal fan base. Her voice has a very natural quality to it, one that people would want to sing along to as many in the crowd did. Their sound was equally easy going and dreamy, thanks to their clever use of vibraphones.

Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion of the Cults. Image courtesy of the Cults.

Their set on Friday consisted of songs from their self-titled debut album, with melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head. Some of their stand-out songs are their old timey ballad, “You Know What I Mean” and “Never Heal Myself.”

Cults playing on Lower Sproul.

It seemed that most people knew their song, “Go Outside,” which is one of the earliest songs they released. The lyrics bring up youthful sentiments with the words, “I think I want to live my life and you’re just in my way.” Madeline Follin is able to make these sentiments relatable to listeners, a quality that is true for most of their music. The video for “Go Outside” can be found here.

Left: Brian Oblivion on guitar. Right: Oski the bear dancing on stage.

Their set ended with a surprise visit from Oski the Bear, who rocked out with them as they played “Oh My God.” If you missed them and want to check them out you can find their music and tour dates on their website.

Anna Leal
BARE Reporter

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