Dolce and Gabbana SS2012

This show can best be described as Joan Holloway from Mad Men meets my Italian grandma’s curtains. But I mean that in the best way possible. This show really blew me away, and did my heritage proud. So because I liked so many things about this show, let me just break it down by my favorite aspects:

The Fabric

The lace was my favorite, especially on the nude skirt suit with black trim. At first I was afraid that they were going to overdo it, as is so easy to do with lace, but they managed to make it completely work. And all the garlic print dresses were so cute as well. I could just imagine wearing one at a Venetian summer party, doing the “mambo Italiano”.

Did someone say party time?

The Cut/Fit of the Clothes

I loved how this collection was 60s inspired, especially with the cute jackets and bra-shirts with high-waisted pencil skirts. And I saw that they brought back the use of gloves with suits. I hope I see more of this, since it’s such an elegant trend that needs to come back. Some of the rompers were a little risqué, but I think Kim Kardashian might be trying to squeeze her derriere into one soon.

Garlic earrings make a great conversation starter and can also ward away any vampires! All images courtesy of

The Accessories

Did anyone catch those garlic earrings on the first model? Other various cooking vegetables as well were turned into cute accessories as well. Imagine how useful those would be when you go to a restaurant that serves bland food—just pop one off and problem solved! Also, the furry round puffball purse is too cute for words and just screams sassy betch. Anyone who rocks that has to have major attitude.

The Finale

Those little onesies were all so cute! I couldn’t decide on which I thought was the best. Dazzling would be the obviously best word to describe it. Imagine going to a pool party in one of those—I bet even Ke$ha herself would be jealous. And the way they all lined up at the end was so cute! They looked like sparkly synchronized swimmers.

Daniella Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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