Indie Spotlight: St. Vincent

There’s a new and powerful voice emerging on the independent music scene, and she is taking no prisoners. More commonly known to her fans as St. Vincent, Annie Clark has been steadily climbing the music ladder since the release of her first album, Marry Me, in 2007. With her petite frame, beautiful green eyes, curly black hair, and silken soprano voice, St. Vincent looks sweet and unassuming, almost like the next live action Disney Princess with an alternative edge. But once you give her an electric guitar and a stage, her life of royalty becomes fraught with intense riffs and borderline morbidity.

The sorrowful siren in the flesh, or more appropriately, Disney’s new, alternative, and edgy indie princess. Image courtesy of Treasure Island Music Festival.

St. Vincent’s sound and style is incredibly unique, often contrasting her beauty against a backdrop of rage, aggression, and bitterness. Songs that begin sweetly and simply build to violent, intense crescendos that border on insanity. She sings with great vocal control, a crisp fullness that is quite uncommon in a world of drum machines and auto tune. The dreamy music is pleasing to the ears, but the lyrics pierce with unusual sadness and cynicism. The product of her beautiful voice, her thoughtful arrangements, and her piercing lyrics is haunting, but incredible.

St. Vincent’s newest album, “Strange Mercy,” was released on September 13, 2011. Image courtesy of I Love St. Vincent.

This past September yielded St. Vincent’s newest release, “Strange Mercy,” and the little indie songstress is as twisted and stunning as ever. Still true to her usual form, she sings, with a charming effortlessness, “best finest surgeon, come cut me open.” Then she wails out an intense guitar solo.

To get your first taste of the malicious beauty, check out the music video for the newest single, “Cruel,” below. Then go see her at the Treasure Island Music Festival in October 16th. It’ll be worth it. She’s even more enchanting when you see her live.

Ryan Roschke
BARE Reporter