Rock, Paper, Schwitters

A few of the many creative guests who showed up to get their craft on at Rock, Paper, Schwitters. Can you spot the BARE staff member?

Crafts, sunshine, music!

After a week of rain, blue skies and craft-making graced the sculpture garden for the BAM/PFA’s Student Committee event: Rock, Paper, Schwitters.

CASA hard at work hanging up their geometric paper structure.

I had never seen the Berkeley Art Museum’s sculpture garden so full of creativity and young folks! I was heartened to watch so many people create art and display it on the spot—in trees, on gates, and even on the museum itself—all in celebration of Kurt Schwitter’s exhibit at the BAM. CASA, the Chicano Architecture Student Association, hung their impressive geometric paper structure from the branches of a nearby tree while other students made wonderful mobiles and ornaments to dot the sculpture garden’s landscape.

I really dug the band, SAFE. They had moves, steeze - and are from the Bay Area to boot! Definitely check out their music, especially tracks: “Twenty Years Along” and “Get Along Good.”

Live music from SAFE and the BAM/PFA Student Committee. All images courtesy BAM/PFA Student Committee.

If you have not yet been to the BAM’s sculpture garden, definitely check it out! The brutalist concrete walls give an industrial but calming feel and it's a great spot to lay on the grass and laze around in.

Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage will be on display until November 27th. Bring yourself to the BAM for free admission with your CAL ID and immerse yourself in a reconstructed MERZbau, a rendering of the sculptural and architecturally transformed interiors Schwitters created throughout his life.

For more photos from the event, check out Facebook.

Chandler Tang
BARE Reporter

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