Staff Picks: What Are You Watching?

Every week, our executive staff will answer our favorites of the moment…whether it be our favorite Berkeley hangouts, our inspirations, to everything in-between! Let us know what you want to know and we'll share!

Q: What TV show is currently on your DVR?

John Kim, Co-Editor-in-Chief: The Addams Family. The Addams Family, a spooky sitcom classic, will never tire for me. Sometimes I enjoy my electrocutions with a bit of satire.

Gabrielle Elias, Co-Editor-in-Chief: Golden Girls. Although Seinfeld holds the number one spot in my heart, Golden Girls deserves some love. These women are absolutely hilarious together, and the theme song is awesome. "Thank you for being a friend!"

Samantha Giordano, Editorial Director: Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation is my favorite show that is currently on the air: it's hilarious, weird, and oddly intelligent. I think it has some of the greatest characters on TV at the moment.

TT Tu, Managing Editor: Suits. I really like suits! Innovative story lines, interesting look at a law firm, and of course, New York City :)

Katie Roseff, Co-Creative Director: South Park South Park - I can never get enough of this cartoon comedy - love their take on social issues and pop culture. Plus, no one can make me laugh like Cartman!

Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez, Co-Creative Director: Modern Family. I absolutely love a good comedy and Modern Family just does it for me. I can say I love every character on the show (with the exception of the new Lily, I haven't made up my mind on her yet). I'm guaranteed numerous laughs, and I feel happy after finishing an episode. :)

Aimee Shimizu, Blog Editor: Misfits. A story about a bunch of juvenile delinquents who obtain superpowers during a freak lightning storm. They also talk in British accents. What more could you want?

Jordan Silver, Marketing Director: Dexter. Always on the edge of my seat during this show. I'm also loving How to Make It in America, really cute story line!

Tanya Sanderson, Events Director: True Blood. My guilty pleasure. Never fails to provide outrageous scandal, and they're constantly creating new supernatural characters to keep it interesting...

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