Sway Fall Runway Show

Sway, located on Telegraph, held its semiannual fashion show for fall season and showcased their 90's themed wear on Thursday, October 6th. The event started off with break dancers on the floor who tried to create a fun atmosphere and hype the audience up as they munched on refreshments and snacks.

Sway created a lighted runway for this event that stood bright and clear parallel to the shop's structure. 90's beats kept on playing as the models strutted down the runway to Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, and N’sync pop tunes.

The models consisted of a wide range of body types, whether short, tall, curvy, skinny, or in-between, encouraging us all to embrace our own bodies. They each had huge teased and poofed up hair paired with bold lipstick and simple black eyeliner.

The collection itself was filled with lots of prints, rich autumn colors, and a variety of fabric such as leather, chiffon, lace, and knits. It ranged from delightful ponchos to tight party-wear black tops to simple one color dresses. They also made sure to style their outfits uniquely to create statements in each outfit.

Sway showcased practical wear for college students - whether it be a fun night out, a date night, or just a normal studious day - proving that girls can still be stylish doing anything and everything. So I encourage all of you to check out the new fall collection if you’re in Berkeley and have an intense shopping thirst!

Sway is located at 2569 Telegraph Ave, between Blake St. and Parker St.

Dooee Kim
BARE Reporter

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