Three Must-Have Ankle Booties

October is the month of seasonal changes. This calls for only one need: pushing all the sandals and dainty footwear to the back of your closet and putting your heavy, utilitarian-inspired boots to the forefront. This season, think chunky, hefty boots that cut right at the ankle. I have rounded up the list with a bevy of ankle boots of various price points delivered right to you. Start taking inventory of your shoe artillery and stock up with these new looks—you’ll be more than prepared to enter the fall season.

The classic suede boot has the potential to be worn in the daytime for a casual look, yet fashion-forward enough to wear it with a dress by night. Booties, like the ones shown below, may not be fitting to trek in the rain due to the material of suede, but fear not, get your hands on a can of waterproof spray protection to coat and protect your shoes from the wet weather. Don’t hold it against me if the spray doesn’t work as effective as it could…no guarantees.

The shiny, gold-tone block heels on these Chelsea boots add flare and give off that luxurious appeal. Shhh, these boots are less than $100, too!

While socks peeking out from boots are incredibly trendworthy this season, why not invest in boots with sherling detailing? The task of piecing together a fall look shouldn’t be a snoozefest. Stay cozy in these fur-lined shoes that provide a bundle of warmth.

Left: Fall into the winter season with these Tracy Reese ankle boots in the color, cappuccino. Right: These Alexander Wang Dakota cutout lace-up leather ankle boots have enough edge to command attention. They also come in suede in a neutral palette color and a pastel orange.

I’m not quite ready to bid adieu to cut-outs, but I’ll gladly leave them hanging in my closet for just a little longer. The archetypal combination to recreate that androgynous look is with hard-hitting boots against a flowing chiffon dress. Pair the outfit with leather shoes that have stacked heels.

So tell me, what shoes are you eyeing? What’s the most coveted fall item that you can’t wait to have in your closet right now?

Stacy Chan
BARE Reporter