BAREing It All: Fashion & Lifestyle Publishing in the Digital Age

Last Wednesday night, BARE had the honor of hosting Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Britt Stephens, and Danny Feekes for our annual BARE-ing It All panel event about fashion and lifestyle publishing in the digital age. Katie is the San Francisco Editor of Refinery 29, while Danny and Britt are both editors of FabSugar, the fashion section of the PopSugar network. These three fabulous editors began by introducing themselves, their educational background, and how they got into fashion blogging. Both Danny and Katie majored in journalism at the University of Kansas and New York University, respectively. Rather than specifically pursuing writing, Britt geared her education towards fashion, attending FIDM and majoring in Visual Communications. While the three collectively loved fashion from a young age, Katie knew at age eight that she would be pursuing a career in the field.

As blog editors, Katie, Britt, and Danny are all familiar with and proponents of online journalism. In terms of its future, Katie said that magazines and print media are becoming increasingly out-dated, and the fashion industry needs to embrace the Internet to remain relevant. Though there is nothing like picking up a freshly printed magazine or cutting out pictures to make an inspiration board, blogs are the wave of the future. Both FabSugar and Refinery 29 began as web-based publications and have grown enormously in recent years, testifying for the salience of the Internet. Additionally, the panelists stressed the growing importance of being well versed in social media in your professional life. When applying for jobs today, specifically those in the fashion arena, it’s critical that you are relatively tech-savvy and familiar with current trends online.

In the digital age, staying current is extremely important, both as a contributor to and reader of blogs. Danny specifically noted that we find out most news today through social networking sites, such as Facebook. This alone testifies for their relevance in terms of furthering a business, and FabSugar and Refinery 29 have certainly capitalized on them. When asked which platforms were most important to their respective blogs, Katie responded with Twitter, closely followed by Facebook and Instagram, and Britt and Danny agreed, adding Pinterest and Stumbleupon as growing platforms.

Lastly, the panelists ended the night by providing some valuable insight on working in fashion journalism. Danny highlighted the importance of the cover letter, what he thinks is the most important part of a candidate’s application- even more so than the résumé. He explained that the candidates he’s continually most impressed by are those with impressive cover letters, who have clearly done background research about the company. Katie and Britt quickly agreed, Britt even encouraging people to “Kanye your résumés! Tell people that you’re the best!”

Thanks again from all of us at BARE to our amazing panelists, Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Britt Stephens, and Danny Feekes for making BARE-ing It All an amazing event!

Additionally, BARE-ing It All would not have been possible without the contributions of our sponsors: Arbonne, Cal TV, Ituri Scents, Cal Student Store, Tivoli Café, Tully’s Coffee, Caffe Strada, and bkr. To learn more about bkr, visit their Facebook page.

To read live coverage of the event, visit BARE’s Twitter. BARE-ing It All was filmed in its entirety thanks to the lovely folks at Cal TV. Also, stay tuned for more photos from the event!

Kelsey Bucsko
Assistant Marketing Director

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