Four DIYs for the Winter Season

As the semester slowly draws to a close, the allure of winter break is stronger than ever. But once the excitement of sleeping in and not having to worry about problem sets wears off--winter break can get a little dull.

So, get creative and try out some of these seasonally appropriate DIYs to add a little sparkle to your winter break!

I love this idea because, let’s face it, we all have an old sweatshirt hanging in our closet that we never wear. And you could go wild trying out different color combinations and patterns.

Credit to Martha Stewart

These rings could be the perfect piece of accent jewelry for your holiday party outfit. Plus, you’ll get to feel a sense of pride when people come up and ask you where you got them.

Credit to the BBB Craft Sisters at Design Sponge

Super simple concepts that manage to add a touch of prettiness and class to your gifts. Customize them for each individual present for a personal touch!

Credit to Miyako Kanamori shown on The Etsy Blog

Coolest solution to losing a glove ever! This would make the perfect gift for any little ones in your life.

Do you guys have anymore cool seasonal DIYs? Share them in the comments!

Alexandra Mateo
BARE Reporter

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