Phil's Sliders in Downtown Berkeley

Sick of Thanksgiving leftovers? Then check out Phil's Sliders on Shattuck!

I personally find burgers to be a bit overwhelming at times; however, there are those times when I want to enjoy the taste of a burger, but maybe not all of its meaty glorious-ness. Forget McDonald's and say hello to Phil's Sliders, a quaint slider shop that opened a few months ago.

These chairs make me feel tall!

The menu is simple. There are two types of sliders: your typical (but still delicious) ground beef patty cooked to your taste and a special vegetarian option with just a Portobello mushroom as the meat substitute. Now, I know what you're thinking - if you're not a vegetarian, why should you try the Portobello mushroom slider? Believe it or not, it tastes amazing, and it's a must try. I mean who knew a mushroom could taste so good? It's interestingly meat-like, but I'll let you be the judge, so let me know what you think.

Cube-shaped tater tots. Yum!
Portobello Mushroom sliders.
Beef or mushroom, these are topped with cheese and lettuce (you can opt out the cheese), slathered in their special sauce, and wedged between two buns. All images courtesy of author.

Aside from the sliders, there are various homemade drinks, sides, and some baked goods. The store has a cool and relaxed feeling, while with each item at no more than $2.50, the prices suit the college student's budget. Also, as a new special only on Mondays, they are adding bacon on these sliders! I have yet to try those.

Check this restaurant out, located in Downtown Berkeley next to Half-Priced Books. Enjoy!

Rosa Nguyen
BARE Reporter

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